Aroimaak Thai cooking easycurry pasta rood/groen

Curry Paste red/green

prik kaeng daeng/kiew

curry pasta rood/groen
Curry Paste red/green in
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Time needed 19 min.


  1. Koriander seeds
  2. cumin
  3. White pepper
  4. Lemongrass
  5. Lemon leaves
  6. Shallots or red onion.
  7. Laos
  8. Shrimp paste.
  9. Garlic
  10. Salt
  11. Sunflower oil
  12. Spanish red peppers.
  13. Soaked dried red peppers.
  14. Spanish green peppers.
  15. small green peppers.
  16. Kaffir Lime.
  • 2,5 gr
  • 5 gr.
  • 5 krls.
  • 40 gr.
  • 2 gr.
  • 100 gr.
  • 10 gr.
  • 7 gr.
  • 40 gr.
  • 5 gr.
  • 30 ml.
  • 80 gr.
  • 10 gr.
  • 75 gr.
  • 20 gr.
  • 1 stk.
  • 5 stk.
  • 1 stk.
  • 1 tl.


  1. Then the kaffir lemon. We will rasp these.The white part should not be rasped, cause this is bitter.
  2. Now the shallots. Clean them. And cut them in pieces. Not too big, but also not too small.
  3. Then the Laos. This we will cut in slices. Also not too big. Because we will put everything in the mortar later.
  4. The garlic. We only have to clean it. First squash them. And then simply take of the peel.
  5. To make red curry past we will take red Spanish pepper. First cut them in the length. So we can take the seeds out.
  6. Then cut them coarsely.
  7. To make green curry paste. Take the green Spanish pepper. Also cut this in the length. So we can take the seeds out. Next cut these coarsely.
  8. Put the Laos And the lemongrass in the mortar.Grind until The laos and lemongrass are totally mixed.
  9. Then add the shallots. The garlic. And the kaffir lemon peel. Grind this again.
  10. Keep grinding and then add the cumin. And the coriander seeds. And the white pepper. Keep grinding until everything is squashed.
  11. This takes a bit much time.
  12. The base is now finished. From here we can now make red or green curry paste.
  13. We take the base paste out before we add the peppers.
  14. To make red curry add the soaked dried peppers. And grind until they are flat.
  15. Then add the fresh Spanish peppers. And keep grinding. Until everything is properly mixed.
  16. Then we add the base paste. And we mix everything while grinding.

curry pasta rood/groen  voorbereiding
The prepared ingredients
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curry pasta rood/groen  koken
Cooking the ingredients
you tube link koken curry pasta rood/groen


  1. Keep stirring. Until it gets weak.
  2. When it gets to dry you can add some oil.
  3. Then finally add the lemon leaves and the salt.
  4. And then it is done.