Aroimaak Thai cooking easyVarkenshaas in oestersaus

pork Tenderloin in Oyster sauce.

Mu pad nam man hoi

Varkenshaas in oestersaus
pork Tenderloin in Oyster sauce. in
for 2 persons.
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Time needed 18 min.


  1. pork Tenderloin
  2. Broccoli
  3. Carrot
  4. Onion
  5. Paprika red
  6. Paprika green
  7. Mushrooms
  8. Garlic
  9. Sugar
  10. Soy sauce
  11. Oyster sauce
  12. Sunflower oil
  • 250 gr.
  • 100 gr.
  • 50 gr.
  • 1 stk.
  • 50 gr.
  • 50 gr.
  • 100 gr.
  • 5 gr.
  • 5 gr.
  • 15 ml.
  • 40 ml.
  • 2 tnt.
  • 3 tl.
  • 2,5 el.


  1. Take the Pork Tenderloin. And cut it in slices. About 5 millimetre thick.
  2. Next the broccoli. We cut the florets loose. When they are too big. Then we cut them in half.
  3. Now the carrot. First peal it. Then cut it, in the length, in half. This half we cut in slices with an angle.
  4. This is more pretty. And because of this they will also cook faster.
  5. Then the onion. Again first clean it. And then cut it in slices.
  6. Now the paprika. First the red one. We take the seeds out. Cut the white roughly clean. And then we cut the paprika small.
  7. The green paprika we cut in the same way
  8. Now the paprika are done. We continue with the mushrooms. Cut the mushrooms in quarters.
  9. Finally the garlic. First squash them. Then cut them small.
  10. Now the preparations are done. So we will cook.

Varkenshaas in oestersaus voorbereiding
The prepared ingredients
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Varkenshaas in oestersaus koken
Cooking the ingredients
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  1. We start with the garlic. Keep stirring until it change colour.
  2. Add the pork tenderloin. Together with the broccoli. And the carrot. The carrot and broccoli have to cook long. So that’s why they go first.
  3. Stir every now and then. Until the carrot and broccoli get weak.
  4. Now add all other vegetables. The onion. The paprika And the mushrooms. If wanted, add some water.
  5. Again stir every now and then. When the onions are weak. The sugar can be added.
  6. The soy sauce. And the oyster sauce. Mix everything thoroughly.
  7. And then we taste.
  8. Is it too salty? Add some water.
  9. Is it to sweat? Add some soy sauce AND oyster sauce.
  10. Are you satisfied? Then you can serve.