Aroimaak Thai cooking easyEiernoedels met kip curry saus

Egg noodles with chicken curry saus

Kow Soi Kai

Eiernoedels met kip curry saus
Egg noodles with chicken curry saus in
for 2 persons.
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Time needed 28 min.


  1. Cardamom.
  2. Fresh ginger.
  3. Dried chilli pepper
  4. Coriander seeds.
  5. Shallots.
  6. Masala.
  7. Salt.
  8. Chicken.
  9. Deep fried egg noodles.
  10. Boiled egg noodles.
  11. Fish sauce.
  12. Palm sugar.
  • 5 gr.
  • 30 gr.
  • 5 gr.
  • 5 gr.
  • 85 gr.
  • 10 gr.
  • 3 gr.
  • 400 gr.
  • 1 l
  • 50 gr.
  • 200 gr.
  • 45 ml.
  • 65 gr.
  • 5 stk
  • 5 stk
  • 4 ptn


  1. We start with the preparation of the curry paste.
  2. First clean the ginger. And then cut it really small.Make sure the ginger is really small. Because we will mix this later.
  3. After the ginger we will make the shallots small. First peal them. And the cut them small. Cut these again very small. Because they will be mixed with the ginger.
  4. To make the curry paste. We have to bake a part of the ingredients.
  5. Heat up the wok. When it is hot. Put all the ingredients of the curry paste in it, except the masala.
  6. Mix everything properly. And wait until it gets weak. This will take about 10 to 20 minutes. Make sure that the shallots and ginger don’t burn.
  7. When the shallots start to get weak. We will add the masala. Mix this properly.
  8. When the masala is mixed properly. The whole mixture will go into the mortar.
  9. We do this to squash all the ingredients. So it becomes a better mixture. The grinding can take pretty long. So if you don’t want to do this then use a kitchen machine.
  10. When the grinding is done. We will start with the soup.

Eiernoedels met kip curry saus voorbereiding
The prepared ingredients
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Eiernoedels met kip curry saus koken
Cooking the ingredients
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  1. Then add the chicken. Mix it into the milk. And make sure it starts to cook again. When it boils again, you can lower the heat again. And we will leave it to cook.
  2. While the coconut milk and chicken are boiling. We will heat up the wok again With the oil in it. When the oil is hot enough. We will put the curry mixture in.
  3. Keep stirring this until everything is hot. Then take a soupspoon of the coconut milk. And put it in the wok. Stir this into the mixture.
  4. When it dries out too fast. Add then some more coconut milk. Keep mixing. Until the colour is uniform.
  5. Put then the whole wok contents into the pot with coconut milk. Stir everything, until an smooth consistency.
  6. And then add the palm sugar. Mix this also into it again.
  7. When the curry starts to boil. Add the fish sauce.
  8. Mix this one more time. And then it is ready to serve.