Aroimaak Thai cooking easyPapaja salade

Papaya salad

Som Tam Thai

Papaja salade
Papaya salad in
for 2 persons.
you tube link recept Papaja salade
Time needed 10 min.


  1. Green Papaya
  2. Carrot
  3. Long beans
  4. Tomato
  5. Chilli pepper
  6. Lime
  7. Peanuts
  8. Shrimps (cooked)
  9. Fish sauce
  10. Pal sugar
  11. Garlic
  • 150 gr.
  • 100 gr.
  • 60 gr.
  • 80 gr.
  • 2 stk.
  • 1 stk.
  • 15 gr.
  • 80 gr.
  • 15 ml.
  • 20 gr.
  • 7 gr.
  • 3 Tl.
  • 1 el.
  • 2 tnt.


  1. We start with the papaya. First peal it. And then cut it in small thin strokes. We use a zig-zag knife for this. This you can buy in an Asian shop.
  2. With the carrot we do the same. First peal. And then again use the zig-zag knife.
  3. Now the tomato. This we cut in four.
  4. The long beans. These we cut in parts of about 3 to 4 cm.
  5. Of the lime we only use the juice. So we cut it and squeeze .
  6. And then the preparations are done and we will mix.

Papaja salade  voorbereiding
The prepared ingredients
you tube link voorbereiding Papaja salade
Papaja salade  koken
Cooking the ingredients
you tube link koken Papaja salade


  1. Next add the palm-sugar. And keep pounding until the sugar is squashed.
  2. Now the Long beans. And the tomato. Try to mix it while pounding.
  3. Then add the fish sauce. And the lime juice. Mix this properly.
  4. Finally add the Papaya, carrot And shrimps. Pound these softly into the mixture.
  5. Now we will taste.
  6. Is it too sweet? Then add some fish sauce.
  7. Is it to sour? Then add some fish sauce and sugar.
  8. Is it not spicy enough? Add more pounded peppers then.
  9. Is the taste good. Then you can serve With the peanuts on top.