Aroimaak Thai cooking easyRode curry met Kip

Red curry with chicken

Kaeng Phed Kai

Rode curry met Kip
Red curry with chicken in
for 2 persons.
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Time needed 14 min.


  1. Chicken filet
  2. Red curry paste
  3. Coconut milk
  4. Pal sugar
  5. Fish sauce
  6. Courgette
  7. Thai eggplant Big/small
  8. Green beans
  9. Sunflower oil
  • 150 gr.
  • 50 gr.
  • 300 ml.
  • 30 gr.
  • 20 ml.
  • 100 gr.
  • 40 gr.
  • 60 gr.
  • 15 ml.
  • 4 tl.
  • 1 el.


  1. We start the preparation with the chicken. Cut this in small slices.
  2. Next the courgette. Cut it in the length. And then in parts.
  3. Now the Thai eggplant. These we only have to cut in four.
  4. The green beans. We clean these first. And then cut them coarsely.
  5. Then the preparations are done and we will cook.

Rode curry met Kip  voorbereiding
The prepared ingredients
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Rode curry met Kip  koken
Cooking the ingredients
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  1. Add a little coconut milk. Keep stirring until it is fully mixed.
  2. Then add the chicken. Wait a moment. When the chicken changes colour. Stir it for a moment.
  3. Add the palm sugar. And keep stirring until it is fully dissolved.
  4. Then add all the coconut milk. Wait until it cooks.
  5. Then add all the vegetables.Stir this for a moment. And wait until it cooks.
  6. Finally add the fish sauce. Mix this properly.
  7. And then we can taste.
  8. Is it too salt then add some coconut milk.
  9. Is it too sweet then add some fish sauce.
  10. Is it not spicy enough then add some curry paste.
  11. Is everything on flavour. Then we can serve.